Saturday, July 29, 2006

Grumble and awe

Pardon me while I use my blog platform to complain. It's not even a new complaint. Mediaworks sucks. I feel like I've been transported to 1993, when internet speeds topped out at 33kbps.

You know your connection is slow when you are forced to watch the Google logo load line by line. How did we ever put up with speeds like that? It'll probably take me ten minutes to upload this post!

Technology, when it's done right, amazes me (what an original statement). I read an article in the NY Times this morning about the future of cell phones running off WiFi hotspots. Basically, internet calling (e.g., Vonage/Skype) for your mobile phone. Apparently the sound quality is much better than regular cell service, and of course you would basically have unlimited minutes. Pretty cool. You'd think the cell phone companies would be up in arms, but since many of them provide high-speed internet service too through their parent companies--think Cingular (owned by AT&T and BellSouth) and Verizon (owned by...Verizon)--they make money either way.

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