Monday, July 17, 2006


Look at what I found today:

I did not see it when I got into my car to leave work. I think it came from the parking garage at the gym--I didn't see it when I was leaving but it's kind of dark in there. I'm hoping this can be buffed out so that it's less noticeable. Note the scratch directly underneath the ding, too. Not a good day for my still-nameless coche. I found out (from my mom) that October 2 is Name Your Car Day. I hope to have a name for her way before then, but that is my absolute deadline. In a completely unrelated coincidence, she's going in on Wednesday to have her heinie shined up and some paint overspray removed. She's like a princess going for a spa day. And I kind of feel like a princess in her, but she's too sporty and peppy to be named Princess.

Meanwhile I'm getting a rental to go do a training in Montgomery County, NC. Today I got some feedback from my boss. Apparently he calls up random accounts we've trained to ask them how it went. One of mine was complimentary, while the other one said I was "assertive." This could be a good thing, but I know why they said that. I was lobbying their superintendent to get better use out of our service (i.e., send more calls), because their tech guy wanted me to. I guess I pushed it a little too hard. Live and learn. My co-trainer got one glowing feedback and one that said he's Speedy Gonzales. He does talk fast, even for me, and I'm a mile a minute myself!

I can't believe that I'm going to L.A. in three days! Woo hoo! I'm so excited!


  1. I literally got a pain in my stomach when I saw the scratch on your car. Remember when Olive Bernadette got her first birthmark on her backside? I know the pain you are feeling. Ugh! It bugs that people do not watch their car doors. I am so careful about not letting my door bang others and all it has gotten me is dings on my doors.

    See you in three days. Yippee!!!

  2. I just wrote quite a lengthy comment here and lost it. The gist of my comment was that unfortunately, there are people out there who do not care about another person's property, and that you should always stay safe but perhaps park off the beaten path or just take up two spaces if possible. Then, I changed the subject 'cause I saw the MARINES rescuing many Americans from the Embassy in Beirut.....SEMPER FI.....guess who?