Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Living Treasures Animal Park

After my training this morning I drove north to visit the Living Treasures Animal Park. The animals were so adorable! In addition to your typical petting zoo goats, there were also deer, donkeys, and mini horses that would eat pellets right out of your hand. I loved the feel of their lips on my palm, and how they follow you hungrily. Most of the animals were behind fences, but the littlest baby goats could fit underneath and were wandering around. There were also some animals that you couldn't feed, like bears, wolves, a hyena, and a tiger. Some, like the camel and the zebra, you could feed through a tube but not from your hand. Definitely a recommended stop if you ever find yourself in western Pennsylvania. It was overcast so my photos didn't turn out great, but here they are anyway for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. How precious! What a fun thing to do while you were there. Your pictures are great Melissa.