Sunday, September 11, 2005

Techno update

Figured out why functionality was so limited when accessing email and blog through my laptop...was running an old (i.e., ancient) version of Internet Explorer. Downloaded 6.0, the latest version usable for Windows 98, and we're fully up and running! I love when problems are solved so easily!

To test my wireless photo-posting capability, I'll try uploading a couple shots I took recently. I've been growing quite sentimental about leaving behind everything that is So Cal, from the beautiful desertscapes,

San Andreas Fault as seen from the 14 Freeway, 8/28/05
to the archetypal palm trees,

One block from my house, along La Tijera Blvd, 9/6/05

to the gorgeous ocean sunsets (those black specks are birds!).

Pacific Ocean Sunset, taken at farewell bonfire, 9/2/05
I do not trust that my memory will sufficiently store all the mental snapshots I'm trying to stash away, so I've been playing photojournalist, capturing bits of scenery here and there.

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