Thursday, September 08, 2005

Seven things I have learned today

(inspired by a trendy blogspot meme)

1. Reading blogs is fun, especially if you use the "Next Blog" button in the upper right-hand corner to randomly cycle through them.

2. Reading blogs ranks as the second leading cause of time suckage...the number one cause being searching
real estate listings.

3. Lots of people are posting on their blogs about Katrina. And lots of them are not. I have not seen anyone apologize for not posting about it. Does that mean I'm too hard on myself for feeling guilty about being self-centered, or does that mean I'm the only one aware of it?

4. Cat carriers are expensive. A hard plastic one with a metal gate door runs $65 at Centinela Pet Feed and Supply (or $80 at Petco), while a soft-sided collapsible version runs $90 at Petco (not available at Centinela PFS). That's a lotta dough for feline transportation needs!

5. The fine associate at Centinela PFS informed me that Trader Joe's carries something called Rescue Remedy, which is an all-natural way to mellow out a cat. Upon further research, I discovered that while it is in fact herbal, it is intended for humans and contains 27% alcohol! I will consider it as an option (maybe for myself even!), but I'm still taking Comet to the vet tomorrow to procure the hard core drugs, just in case. I really want him to be as stress-free as possible.

6. It will cost $165 to upgrade my ancient laptop to Windows 98 SE, just so I will be wireless-enabled and can have Internet access while on the road. Not cheap, but way cheaper than buying a new laptop. And once I arrive, I will be able to sit on the couch and surf the web. The fact that I see that as the coolest thing since sliced bread reveals my true couch potato-ness. Why not upgrade to XP, you ask? Direct that question to the 32 measly MB of RAM on that poor old laptop. It's like asking the federal government to respond quickly to a major natural disaster: simply not capable.

7. Stupid Apple. They clearly have a
master plan that involves record-fast mass obsolescence.

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