Friday, September 09, 2005

In the immortal words of Alanis Morissette...

"Isn't it ironic?"

Today I wasn't as productive as I'd hoped. I arose at 6, showered, and went to take care of Molly (Bichon) and Kelly (cat). Stopped at computer repair shop, and picked up my laptop. Haven't had a chance to test the wireless functionality yet...hopefully it works, or else I paid $165 for nothing! Drove to AAA to pay for my car registration. Got there and saw a hand-written sign, "Due to major plumbing problems, we are temporarily closed." Drat. Well, I can just go to Santa Clarita early tomorrow and take care of it at the AAA there. Stopped at Trader Joe's to get Rescue Remedy; they claim they've never heard of it. Called the other Trader Joe's, they also don't carry it. Drat again.

Came home, checked email, did some research. I thought renting a post office box would solve the problem of where to send my mail during this transition, but there's some uncertainty about whether you can use a PO Box on a forwarding order. Also looked into how much renting a U-haul would cost ($30 plus 79 cents per mile if I do an "in town" move, over $300 if I do a one-way move). Then the guy from United movers came over around noon and basically took an inventory of everything I want to move. He did not give me an estimate on the spot, because he said he had to "run the numbers" at the office tomorrow. I think it's going to be really high, because he was talking about shuttling my stuff (i.e., they can't drive a semi down my street so they have to use a smaller truck and shuttle my belongings to the semi that is parked elsewhere) and charging for storage (lame, since most places give you a month free). So I've pretty much decided to go with PODS, but the question is, can we get them on such short notice? We'll find out soon enough.

Then 1:45 rolled around and it was time to take my kitty to the vet to get the sedatives. Just walking toward the front door, Comet was not having any of it. Thankfully I'd put on my denim jacket, so his claws did not dig into my skin. We got into the car and he immediately dove under the front passenger seat. I was kind of worried, because he is a big boy (17 pounds) and that's a tight space. But he seemed to be able to turn around under there so I thought it was fine. Then we arrived at the vet and I could not get Comet out of the car. He was wedged in there in such a way that he was not squished, but I could not get a grip on him to pull him out. It did not help matters that the vet is right on Sepulveda, so there is mega traffic noise that must have scared the bejeezus out of him. I had to go into the vet's office and plead my case. They were SUPER nice and VERY understanding. They wrote up a quick statement saying that I accept all liability since I'm medicating my cat without a proper exam, and then they gave me the pills (well, sold me the pills). The vet was very friendly and cordial, and he encouraged me to enjoy my cross country trip.

When I got back home, I still couldn't coax Comet out of the car to save my life. I tried treats, I tried tuna, I tried poking him from the back seat, nothing worked. I had to leave him in the car. I came down periodically to check on him, but he was determined not to budge. Poor guy, must have been so traumatized. Then it came time to go on my evening rounds for pet sitting. I thought I had no choice but to take him with me, since I couldn't get him out. Then I had an idea. There's a body shop right around the corner from my house. I pulled in there, and went into the office.
Me: Hi. I have kind of a situation and I was wondering if you could help me.
Auto Man: Okay.
Me: My cat is stuck under the front seat of my car and I was wondering if you could unbolt the seat so I can get him out.
Auto Man: What?! Well that's a new one. I've never in my life heard of that situation before. Let's go take a look.

Auto Man brought out three other guys to witness my poor kitty lodged under the seat. One of them ran into the shop and came out with a socket wrench and started to unbolt the seat. Can you believe they dropped everything to help me? I was so grateful, you have no idea! It was a more time consuming process than I would have thought. We even had to slide the seat forward a little bit so he could reach the back bolts. Not a simple proposition when there's a little putty-cat crammed down there. But finally the seat came off, and Comet came out. I wrapped him in a towel and sat down in the driver's seat while the nice man reattached my passenger seat. I asked the owner if I owed him anything, and he said, "Just twenty bucks." I happily handed over my credit card (still seated in my car with the cat completely covered up) and he ran it and came back for my signature. I immediately drove home, cat still on my lap, and deposited him in my bedroom. Thankfully he seems none the worse for the wear. But how ironic that this happens when I'm taking him to the vet to get sedatives for the cross country drive because he doesn't like being in the car...duh! I should have gotten a cat carrier, but I'm trying to score one cheaper from Craigslist.

Now if I can just figure out an easy way to give a cat a pill...

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