Friday, September 23, 2005

Kitty and the Gang

An update on Comet: he's doing pretty well! I was worried about how he would react to living with three dogs and another cat. But he's been pretty mellow overall. He loves playing with lasers, and the fact that he's responding well and being playful tells me he's doing okay.

Getting him from my apartment to my parents' house, I did a trial run of the sedative. I could not discern exactly when it took effect, because he never did fall asleep. But he was kind of wobbly on his feet. He did not put up much of a fight when I put him in his crate, and did not meow once he was in there. The drive up here was peaceful. I left him in his crate in my bedroom to wake up, and when I let him out, he explored a little. He loves the window--has a much better view than the one in my apartment bedroom.

I introduced him to my parents' cat, Mazda, and there was much hissing on both sides. The dogs' reaction to Comet was mixed. Boom Boom is rather indifferent. She must have been raised around cats. She is the mellowest of the dogs. Who could resist this face?

Now Speedy, on the other hand, cannot control his canine instincts and insists on barking and chasing when any cat is present. Who would know by looking at this sweet pooch face?

There have been a couple of altercations, but I'm not too worried. Comet has his claws, and is bigger than Speedy. Speedy will just have to learn to stay away!

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