Friday, June 20, 2008

Meaty crisps

You may know that in Brit-speak, french fries are called chips, and potato chips are called crisps. I read this before I went. What I didn't read about is how they apparently like their crispy snacks to be flavored like meat. My favorite was Bacon Rashers.

A rasher is a serving of bacon, as in, your eggs come with two rashers of bacon. But Bacon Rashers are crispy corn and rice snacks that look kind of like dog treats, and taste very, very much like bacon. And yet they are "suitable for vegetarians." (How much do I love that all vegetarian things are labeled as such, and every place we ate had veggie options clearly labeled on their menus.)

The drawback of Bacon Rashers is they "give back" in a very unpleasant way, so you can only have a few at a time.

(Tesco, by the way, is a grocery store chain.)

We also tried Strong Onion and Cheese potato chips (not bad) and Steak and Onion potato chips (yuck!). At the airport we saw Roasted Chicken potato chips...we did not partake.

And they're not Lays potato chips. They're Walkers. But the design of the logo seems to indicate it's the same company.

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