Friday, March 16, 2007

Nothing short of genius

I like TV. So I like knowing what's on and when. My cable company's on-screen guide leaves much to be desired, so I used to rely on Titan TV for its easy-to-navigate listings. But then--oh, but then--I found Couchville. It is sweeeeeeet. Do you like Google maps? (Mapquest is dead to me--why does anyone use it when Google is infinitely better? Can someone please explain that to me?) It's all about the click and drag, people. Click. And. Drag. No scrolling (gasp). And no popups. Not to mention it's fast. No tapping your nails waiting for the page to load and then clicking Back and waiting for the page to load yet again. Too cool. I bet you it was designed by Google people. Or Apple people. It's a Goople innovation.

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  1. Well aren't you "bloggy" tonight. I enjoyed reading it all!