Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Today my coworker told me a story that could only be described as "Wow!" His wife's sister (let's call her Sharon) wasn't feeling well for quite some time. She went to the doctor, who discovered she had really high blood pressure. He prescribed a low sodium diet.

She did not feel better, so she went for a second opinion. This physician diagnosed her with pneumonia, but antibiotics did not make any difference.

Sharon went to a third doctor, who asked, "Have you ever taken a pregnancy test?" Can you guess where this is going? Lo and behold, Sharon discovered she was 31 weeks pregnant!

This doctor referred her for an ultrasound, and while that was being performed, Sharon had a seizure brought on by the sky-high blood pressure (which had, no doubt, been aggravated by the shocking news of impending motherhood). She was rushed to the hospital where she had a C-section...the very day she found out she was pregnant!

My first question was, of course, "How could she not know?!" Apparently, this woman's cycle remained normal. Really?! Well, if she says so. The second question was, "Didn't her appearance change?" Inexplicably, she gained only 4 pounds during her entire pregnancy!

You hear about this kind of thing on the news, but this time it was someone a friend of mine knows, so it's hard to be skeptical. But it is nonetheless very hard to wrap your mind around it. Imagine, one day you leave work, and the next day you have to call in sick and tell your boss, "I had a baby." No one would believe you! And just having your life change overnight like that--I mean, having a kid is huge, and usually you have nine months to mentally prepare for it. This woman had no time at all!

I guess it's just a reminder that your life can change drastically at the drop of a hat, and you never know what the future may hold.


  1. Wow indeed..... I cannot imagine.....WOW!!! That is all that I can say.

  2. My mum didn't know she was pregnant with me for quite some time. She'd been on the Pill, so she kept having her period, but she couldn't figure out why she was putting on weight. Turned out she'd taken cold medication, which had made the Pill null and void. Et voilĂ ! Moi!