Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Books, books, and more books

I went to the Wake County Public Libraries annual book sale after work today. Holy cow, talk about a lot of books!

I suppose your average Borders contains just as many, but when they're spread out before you in a single layer on tables in a former Kmart, it looks like a zillion! After about 90 minutes I had to force myself to leave, because my two canvas bags were pulling my arms out of their sockets. But come on, paperbacks for a dollar?!

The travel section was my Achilles' heel--xix books on Walt Disney World alone! But I KNOW I will get there some day soon, and I will of course need to to tons of research beforehand. Yes, they may take up a lot of room on my bookshelf, but I got $90 worth of books for only six bucks. I couldn't pass it up! I also nabbed a few books on Savannah, Hilton Head, and the Bahamas for my upcoming trip, as well as "dream books" on Australia and London. Oh, and a couple on Washington, D.C., since I know I'll be going there for sure as well. I also found a couple of old Crock Pot cookbooks that I might be able to find a few good recipes in. And of course, a stack of chick lit, which I bought in the hopes of someday having a lunch hour again during which I can take a break and read. The obligatory Grisham novel, a cool British copy of Angels & Demons, the Civil War classic Killer Angels which I am ashamed to say as a history major I've never read (in my defense, it was never assigned, but still). A couple political tomes by Michael Moore and Al Franken (I might've picked up Ann Coulter's out of morbid curiosity if they had it in paperback, but I'll be darned if hers is the only book I'm forced to pay hardback prices for) and a few other assorted reads about the environment and such. Quite a haul for 40 bucks.

I could have spent at least another hour (and probably another $20) looking around but I didn't get home until quarter of nine as it was (which meant that my Crock Pot dinner had been stewing for over 12 was kinda mushy but not bad). I may go back on Sunday when the prices get ridiculously cheap--you can get a whole bag of books for $2. I guess people can get crazy about it, though. There were signs on the front door pointing out where the line started, and talking about how if you leave the line you lose your place. And there were signs taped up inside about not hoarding books you don't plan to buy. It must have been crazy when it opened at noon today!


  1. I LOVE books.. I wish I was there to browse with you. That picture is like a dream... I could get lost in there for hours.

  2. I love books too. Thats why I started this new chick Lit Website. It lists 2006 releases and 2007 upcoming releases. You should check it out.