Monday, November 20, 2006

The Mint's got my back

The state quarter program is winding down. We only have two more years, and people like me were already beginning to wonder what life would be like without a reason to check our change. The U.S. Mint to the rescue! They just announced that they are starting a new series, the Presidential $1 coin program.

The Mint people are really going wild with this one, folks. The inscriptions "In God We Trust," "E Pluribus Unum," the issue year and the mint mark will appear on the edge.

You can check it out here. And the schedule for release is here. The first one will appear in January, a mere two months away!

The only problem with this is going to be finding them. The Mint is really itching to get the public used to $1 coins, because they are much more durable than $1 bills. But when was the last time you bought something and got any Sacagaweas or Susan B. Anthonys as change? Probably never, unless you got change from a post office stamp machine or a mass transit ticket machine. According to CNN, the problem with Sacagaweas was that the Mint did not make enough of them, and collectors like me stashed them away, so there was never an opportunity to become accustomed to using them. So hopefully the Mint will positively deluge the public with these new coins. If not, I'll have to make quarterly trips to the post office and pay for a book of stamps with a $20 bill just to get the change!


  1. You truly love the coinage. I have been getting rid of my Saca. coins because they are bothersome for some reason to me. I accidently use them as quarters...I like coins of different sizes that are different denominations so I think their similarities are stressful to me. I guess I should have been hoarding them instead of spending them... anyway..... : )

  2. Hey it is December 1st, where are you?
    I need a Melissa fix. My hands are shaking.......

  3. My husband and I have been planning our move to North Carolina for about four years, our kids are out of school, so it is time for us to move. We were hoping they would go with us, but alas, no such luck.
    I found your blogg through the chat line of NC relocators. I spend two nights, about six hours total, reading every word of your adventures. a. I feel as if we have known each other for years, ha! b. I have been absorbing everything you write or mention about NC.
    Bill and I have been to the Raleigh area about five times now. Scouting it out. In all seasons except spring. Mostly summer. Yeah, it is hot, but nothing like NJ.
    We are from California, and our house goes up for sale after the Holidays. As soon as that sells, I will be heading out your way. Bill cannot come until October, but I will hopefully have found our home and set up the house. He will be so jealous. I figure it will take about seven months to sell our house, CA is having a rough time of it right now.
    I hope this message finds you healthy and happy. I sure want to know how your folks are doing. Do they like Pittsboro?? Or do they wish they had moved somewhere not as rurual??


  4. Hi Liz! So glad to hear from you. Sorry my posts have been sporadic recently. I'll try to be more regular about it! Thanks for reading my blog, and letting me know you like it. I love to hear from people who found it useful. My parents do like Pittsboro. They are very happy they chose that location, but they are homebodies and aren't the kind of people who go out every night. Best of luck in selling your house, and let me know when you're moving out here. Meanwhile, happy holidays!