Wednesday, March 01, 2006

100th post!

Hitting 100 episodes is a major milestone for a sitcom, so why not celebrate 100 blog posts?

The Odyssey is almost six months old and except for one major sticking point (someone hire me!) I'm pretty much settled into my new state. I will continue writing, however, on whatever topics move me until I have nothing left to say--or no time to say it!

But even if my life becomes boring and ceases to provide blogging material, the internet will continue to overflow with cool things that I want to share. For instance, check out this map of states I've visited:

And then there's always the occasional amazing video. Like this news clip. (The video module is on the right side of the screen--just click play.) I am not prone to weepiness, and even I needed a Kleenex! Almost makes me miss being around kids. They can surprise you sometimes. (Thanks to Gabrielle for bringing the video to my attention.)

Another thing I miss is In-n-Out burger. Apparently I'm not alone, since even Spongebob characters have referred to its secret menu. Mmm, grilled cheese...

We're up to four participants on the postcard swap. I posted about it on the Craigslist crafts discussion forum so hopefully that will help.

And lastly, comments on the weather. Just when I was growing somewhat fond of the chill in the air, today was 76 degrees. Too perfect. Driving around I noticed tons of spring flowers on the trees. Only one type of tree, though--not sure what it's called. The rest were still bare. But the buds are a welcome sight.

I'm having flashbacks to those summer nights when I was on vacation from teaching. All the windows are open (it's after 7 pm, people, this is amazing!), I'm wearing only one layer (a t-shirt at that!) and I'm in front of the computer, surfing away with no obligations hanging over my head. Nice.


  1. Happy 100th Blog entry Melissa!! That is so awesome. Who knew there was that much to say. I have loved following you on your odyssey across the country and getting settled into your new town. Keep on blogging. I look forward to reading every little entry from you. It makes it feel like you are closer to me my friend.

    I am a little jealous of your weather. We had torrential rain on Monday, dreary weather Tuesday, and some sun today, so things are looking up. I should be in my bikini by Sunday. We are still a little chilly here in California though.

  2. In-N-Out burger!!!! OMG!!!! I was on the bus this morning, DROOLING at the thought of an In-N-Out burger. God, please, stop the pain now!!! ;-)

  3. Congrats on the 100th post - how cute of you to honor it. :)

    Spring likes mahvelous, love your map and besides InNOut, I also miss Del Taco!!! The closest one is in Atlanta, of all places.

  4. I've still been more places and states than you!! NANER, NANER, NANER!! LOL. Matthew