Friday, April 03, 2009

Time for a new look!

I chose the photo above because I think it looks like the countryside in New Zealand. I hope the new look of everything is pleasing to everyone. I'm not sure how I feel about the super narrow columns on the right, but it's something different I thought I'd try. Oh, and I fixed my Comments...they weren't working...but now they do!

Bye bye, old template. You served me well.


  1. Like the new look! Like Springtime!!

  2. Nice job on the new blog look. It is quite beautiful in my opinion. Also, I am seriously so glad that your comments are fixed. Wow did you ever miss out on lots of my witty comments. I will have to go back and write all of the things that I wanted to say. :)

  3. So it wasn't just that cafe computer in Perth after all!! Bang goes that excuse ;-)