Monday, October 27, 2008

Kim's wedding

(I'm not in this pic, but I am in the one the real photographer took!)
L-R, Jason, his wife Anna, Jace's wife Cheryl, Kim, Jace, Susan, Sy, random kid, Emily, Taylor, Emily

I have been a slacker when it comes to blogging lately. So sorry. I'm sure no one even checks anymore. But for what it's worth, I went to Kim's wedding 2 weekends ago, and here are some photos. I didn't get any of the ceremony, because I was playing videographer.

(BTW, I work with Kim, and we go to bagels every Saturday morning...except when she's getting married. Or on her honeymoon. Duh.)

(How crazy are these cakes?! So amazing. And delicious too!!)

Kim and Susan

Here are Sy and Emily. Sy caught the garter, and since a little girl caught the bouquet, he put the garter on his fiance Emily instead. They'll be getting married in May!

Next we have Taylor and his new girlfriend, also named Emily.

And lastly, we have Kim with her boss, Jason.

Fun story about the garter: Jeff, Kim's husband, is crazy about the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins. Months ago she went onto Craigslist and bought two tickets for their game in Miami. At the reception, she stuck them under her garter. So when Jeff went to take it off, he found them! He was totally and completely surprised, and turned beet red. The game was last night, so I hope they had fun!! Rather than come right back up, they are going to stick around and go to Disney World on Halloween. That should be a blast.

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