Saturday, October 04, 2008

Critters on the porch

Charlotte has spun a beautiful web on my front porch.

Alas, she herself is not a thing of beauty in my eyes, but she is outside so I will let her live. I don't even want to think of how badly I would freak out if I found her inside though. I will spare you the close-up cropped view; she's a hairy beast.

My parents noticed a green thing up near the ceiling of the porch, sticking to the wall.

They first thought it was a moth, but I took a picture and zoomed in and wouldn't you know, it looked like a frog! How on earth did a frog get up there? We thought maybe it had gone looking for water and perhaps was dead. When my parents were leaving, we noticed the frog had moved its head a bit, so I got a stick and a bowl, climbed on a chair, and poked at it ever so gently. It did not drop into the bowl, no, that would be too easy. It leaped and brushed against the back of my head (it was a BIG leap) and landed on the ground. Then it started climbing up the side of my house again. I sprinkled some water on him and he moved over to the railing.

Doesn't he seem a little tropical for NC?


  1. That frog is so cute... what a fun find!

  2. Wow, what a cool looking frog! Never thought it would've looked like that from the initial shot.

  3. Cute frog! I wonder what he was hiding from up there in your rafters. :-)