Sunday, June 03, 2007

Checking in

There doesn't seem to be much of note going on lately, so the blog has been sadly neglected. The most exciting news I can muster is that I went to both the eye doctor and the dentist this past week, and got good news all around. My eyes have actually gotten a little bit better (!) which is a first. And the dentist actually mistook me for a flosser because my gums are healthy and I had hardly any tartar. All fascinating facts to the average reader, I'm sure.

We finally got some rain last night and today, which we were dying for. Remnants of a tropical storm, I believe. I watched a hurricane preparedness show with my parents yesterday and although I feel relatively prepared, now that I'm a homeowner, I get to enjoy fretting over property damage. Yippee.

Work has been pretty quiet. No trips lately, none coming up. I am going to Washington DC with my family next week, though. It will be my parents' first time, so I'm excited to show them all the monuments. It's a little of a bummer that the American History Museum is closed for renovation until no viewing Dorothy's ruby slippers or Fonz's leather jacket.

I'm watching Meet Joe Black in HD. It's such a good movie. Brad Pitt does an incredible job. The other day I recorded Signs, with Mel Gibson. Love that one too. I also have Legally Blonde, What Women Want, and Spanglish. Hurray for TNT HD. Yes, there are commercials, but the picture quality is worth it.

Guess that's all for now.

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