Sunday, February 04, 2007

Clever commercial

Today is the Super Bowl, which, for me, means great commercials. Yeah, the game is entertaining enough, but since I don't follow football (or any sports, actually), it's secondary to the 30- and 60-second advertisements that are usually a cut above your average spot. I anticipate my next post being about my favorite Superbowl commercials. (And, by the way, how great is it that they will undoubtedly be available on You Tube immediately after the game, for my linking convenience and your viewing pleasure?)

But right now I wanted to post a link to a different kind of commercial. I read about it first on David Pogue's blog. Apparently it was created solely for You Tube and internet viewing and was never intended to be aired on TV. I didn't find it to be laugh-out-loud hilarious, but it is definitely original. If you have two minutes to spare, check it out.

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