Thursday, February 12, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies!

Girl Scouts started going door-to-door in January, but no one ever came to mine! (At least not while I was home--but I'm home a LOT.) I heard that friends of friends had gotten their hands on some cookies already, and I hadn't even seen a troop selling outside the supermarket yet.

Yesterday I posted on Twitter that I need to know where I can buy some. I can't miss it, because then I'd have to wait a whole year more before tasting the sumptuous Samoa (called a Caramel De-Lite in these parts, who knows why) or the refreshing Thin Mint. No one replied to me. I guess I don't have enough followers for those kinds of public pleas to be effective.

But it seems I had a moment of temporary insanity, because it never occurred to me to just LOOK ONLINE. (Duh, that's the answer for everything, don't ya know.) I guess I figured it was some sort of closely kept secret, the whereabouts of the ever elusive Cookie of the Scout. But no. As my mom helpfully pointed out, there's a website where you can type in your zip code and they tell you when they're on sale. For the Raleigh area, the booths will be open Feb. 14 through March 15. (Apparently some areas got special permits to have booths on Superbowl Weekend--thus the early cookies.)

So no, I have not missed my chance. I also love how the girls get excited when they approach me for the sale and then, instead of declining like the majority of shoppers (I assume), I eagerly say yes. I suppose their excitement increases as the weeks go by. I guess I always catch them at the end. Not this year, baby.

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  1. I have resisted buying any Girl Scout cookies thus people just put the order form by the mailboxes. I always buy from the sweet little girls who ask me in person. I am working hard at losing weight, but I can't resist the girls....I love their excitement too! Best wishes in finding the cookies of your dreams.