Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter wonderland!

I know my first post after my tropical vacation should be filled with pictures of crystal blue waters and sandy beaches, but I can't resist breaking news: it snowed here this morning!

I'm told that the snow started falling after 6am. All I know is I woke up at 7:20, looked out the window, and holy smokes, it was actual white stuff!

This is the first time it's really snowed since I moved here. I was half dreading the day, and half anticipating it with glee. Turned out to be totally glee-worthy!

I called work right away and since my boss had planned to be out today anyway recovering from minor surgery, I spoke with my "other" boss, who said with a bit of amusement, "I already counted you out for today since I know you don't drive in snow!" So I got to stay home for the morning. The roads probably would have been fine if I left at my normal time, but you never know what they'll be like till you get out there, so I worked from home until about noon, then went in, because as you can imagine, things were a tad crazy at the office. Schools were closed in Wake County and surrounding areas today, which meant lots of calls were sent out. I know people from Colorado, where they recently had FEET of snow, and from places like Buffalo are rolling their eyes at us because the tiniest accumulation shuts us down. But we get it so infrequently that a) no one knows how to drive in it, so there are a ton of accidents, and b) we are not equipped to deal with it in terms of salt trucks, etc.

On my way home tonight, most of the snow had melted away. Tomorrow it's supposed to be sunny and in the 50's but Sunday there's another chance of "wintry weather." It's kinda fun!


  1. What a beautiful sight to wake up to Melissa. We have had some very cold weather and I awoke this morning and looked out the window hoping for a winter wonderland...instead I had a small frozen spot that the sun had not hit yet and weather several degrees warmer than yesterday. Bummer man!

    It is funny that I left there just 5 days ago in flip flops and capri pants.


  2. We did get a light dusting yesterday morning during first period. The kids who saw it were amazed even though it never really accumulated on the ground. They wanted to know why their teachers didn't let them go out and play . . .